Gambling has been in practice through ages. Historic records show that speculative games were played in ancient Greece and Europe. Though not in a structured way, it was just played for leisure. Gambling and casinos have a certain air of wrongdoing associate with. It is normally considered that a person falls into vices once he starts gambling or only a person with vices would play these speculative games.

The game is neither bad nor wrong. The player has to treat it like any other game and treat it as a source of enjoyment and not turn it into an obsession. We are extremely dedicated towards creating a positive outlook towards the image of casino.

To change the casinos reputation of being a world of evil to a normal goodwill source of entertainment, we have implemented certain concrete features. The most prominent feature is the design of our casino.

It is nothing like any usual casino with loud banners and wild flashy colours, we have designed our casino to be more casual and formal. The outer architectures exude formality and seriousness. When you enter our casino you won’t feel like you are entering a dark dangerous place.

The casino interiors are designed tastefully and are not overtly done. It retains the charm of a casino, at the same time possessing the ease and comfort of a modern PlayStation. We abide by strict rules and make it our priority to screen every guest for their legal age.


To further make your visit and stay enjoyable and secured, we have come with a list of things that should be avoided when you visit our casino. Following this you reduce the risk of getting addicted and our casino develops its reputation of goodwill and abundance. The list includes the following:

Do not expect to turn into a billionaire overnight. Yes, you do have chances to earn money but not like something that will change the course of your life. Never gamble with the money that is meant for your utilities. Always create a separate budget for gambling and never overspend. If you win you may continue playing with the winning amount. This will allow you to keep your gambling experience as a positive one without any dark clouds of loss. Find out more Jackpot Joy


Maintain decorum. We understand that playing at casinos tend to make our guests excited, but it is important to not be extremely loud and we completely disregard rude and unruly behaviour at any point for any reason. We strongly believe that any problem could be solved with amiable discussion and we are at your service at all the time. Maintain your cool. We expect the same behaviour that you would expected of at any other entertainment hub. This would eliminate the fear of encountering brash behaviour at casinos. This rule is not only for casinos but in general life as well. Drink responsibly. Every person is aware of their drinking capacity and should avoid consuming any more than required. A state of inebriation is not helpful for your game, your reputation as well as the comfort of others. Be courteous to our staff and avoid using slangs and demeaning words. We keep customer satisfaction as our priority but mistreating our employees would not be tolerated. First learn the process of playing a new game, before attempting your chance at it. This will help your chances to win and also help other players to play without any hindrances or foul play that might happen due to your lack of knowledge of the game. You can always ask for assistance from our staff who would be more than willing to help you out.Following the above rules will not only help you to avoid experience addictive or depressing side of gambling as shown by modern media but at the same time help us remove the tarnish from casinos and gambling as a form of vice and wrongdoing. you should visit casinos with the same intentions like you visit any other play area, that is to enjoy, play in fairness, stimulate your senses, appreciate the game, take the results with a sportive attitude and leave with memories to remember and cherish. Our facilities will ensure that your stay is hassle free and pleasurable.